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Can I appoint someone to redeem the pledge(s) on my behalf?

We understand that some of you might be unable to redeem pledge(s) in person due to the current situation.

 You may assign a representative to redeem pledge(s) on your behalf. All redemptions and renewals between 7 April 2020 and 4 May 2020 will not be penalized (e.g. subject to higher interest or additional fees) as a result of third-party redemptions or renewals.

 The appointed representative is required to provide the following supporting documents upon redemption of pledge(s):

  1. Original pawn ticket, and;
  2. Letter of assignment indicating that you have assigned the right of redemption to the appointed representative.

All redemptions are subjected to pawnbroker’s discretion and pawnbroker reserves the right to decline if appointed representative is deemed unauthorized.undefined